Types of Leave

Personal and Other Forms of Leave

Family and Medical Leave

Catastrophic Illness Leave


Jury Duty

Dallas County Schools employees who receive jury fees for jury services may retain such jury pay in addition to their salary as county employees. Dallas County Schools will continue all salary and benefits for the duration the employee serves on the jury. (This policy is approved for employees who are in "active" service at the time of the jury duty call. Employees who are not in active service will not be paid.)

Leave Without Pay

After all personal and vacation leave has been used, an employee may be approved to be absent from work for up to, but not more than, 6 months on leave without pay, unless the employee’s absence falls under the protection of the Family Medical Leave Act or is otherwise approved by the Superintendent.
Adopted: 3/22/07

Federal Leave for Military Service

State Leave for Military Service

Temporary Paid Leave for Military Service During Wartime

a) A leave of absence with pay will be granted to employees serving on active military duty in any branch of the United States or state military armed forces or Coast Guard, pursuant to procedures established by the Superintendent. The leave shall be granted for a one year period, and is automatically renewable unless acted upon by the Board. Any employee who receives paid leave pursuant to this policy shall be required to notify Dallas County Schools of any salary or income received for military service. Dallas County Schools and the employee shall coordinate leave under this policy so that the combined annual wages of the employee do not exceed the employee's regular Dallas County Schools annual wages.

b) If an employee has been insured for at least six months prior to entering active military duty, Dallas County Schools will continue that level of coverage for a period up to one year during active military leave. There will be no annual deductible for anyone covered during active military leave.
Adopted: 11/18/04


Full-time employees who are scheduled to work 226 or more days during a school year may also take up to ten (10) days off, without pay, during the school year. These days must be pre-approved by the employee's immediate supervisor. These days are not cumulative, except that a maximum of 5 days may be carried over to the next year with written approval of the Superintendent. Any days carried over must be used in the school year to which they are carried over, or they are forfeited.

Voting Leave

Any employee who does not have two consecutive non-work hours while the polls are open on election day will be given up to two hours off with pay in order to vote, unless more time is required by state law. An employee must notify a supervisor before Election Day if time is needed.
Adopted: 11/18/04

Worker’s Compensation

Every employee must notify his or her supervisor of all work-related injuries immediately, whether or not the employee must be off from work as a result of the injury. An employee who will be off from work must contact his or her supervisor weekly to update the supervisor as to the status of the injury. An employee who is medically released to return to work shall notify his or her supervisor before returning to work. An employee must be ready to return to work by the next business day after medical release.
Adopted: 11/18/04

Driver/Monitor Summer Personal Leave

Due to Dallas County Schools’ need to manage its limited resources of bus drivers and monitors during the summer months, drivers and monitors who work in the summer and are absent are not allowed to use personal leave. An absence will be a non-paid day. Adoption of this policy will assist DCS in efficiently managing a small group of standby or substitute drivers and monitors when personnel resources are at a minimum outside of the regular school year.
Adopted: 05/18/06