Student Safety/Stop Arm Program

Pupil Transportation

  • On board Management System
  • Real time 3G/4G communication via two-way voice over IP
  • Eleven cameras on the inside and outside of the school bus
    • 8 outside cameras and 3 inside cameras
    • Multiple interior cameras provide live security – Includes “Pedophile Finder” rear-facing camera
  • Automatic Vehicle Locator and Tracker with GPS and Accelerometer to report live telemetry data
  • Driver “Panic” Emergency button

Stop arm cameras to deter and fine violators

  • 1/3 of stopped school buses are illegally passed each day (National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation)
  • 16,450 violations occur each day in Texas (Texas Transportation Institute/Texas A&M University)
  • Captures the license plate of motorist who fails to stop
  • Police officers review the videos
  • Motorists who are found breaking the law are mailed a civil fine
  • Comparisons show a decrease in violations over time
  • Can administer and operate adjudication process

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School Bus Seat Belts

  • Help educate children to buckle up
  • Using seat belts improves behavior on school buses
  • New school buses come already equipped and retrofit existing school buses with seat belts