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Employees may view resources such as video information and tutorials on the use of technology, learning Spanish, and maintaining an optimal level of wellness, by reviewing the list below.  Click on the category that you would like to view available resources.



2-Minute Spanish




Click on the links below to direct you to video tutorials for each subject. 

Microsoft Word 2010 


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010


Microsoft Excel 2010

Introduction to Word   PowerPoint for Beginners   Excel for Beginners
Applying Themes   Slide Basics   Simple Formulas
Style Gallery   Themes   Basic Functions
Copy and Paste   Inserting Videos   Cell References
Changing Default Font   Hyperlinks   Complex Formulas
    Action Buttons    

Microsoft Publisher 2010



Overview   Inserting Audio   Getting Started
Publication   Editing Audio   Understanding Privacy
    PPT to Video   Adjusting Your Privacy Settings
    Create a Flyer    

Internet Safety

  Presenting with PPT  


Spam and Phishing      

Signin Up

Your Browser's Security Features       Overview



Here are ides to keep you healthy and fit, both physically and emotionally. You have a variety of choices: exercise videos, delicious recipes, interview tips, and a wealth of information on staying healthy. 




Weight Management Start Walking at Home How to Write a Great Resume
Physical Activity Dance Walk How to Ace an Interview
Diet & Activity Tracking Tools Power Walk Why Should We Hire You?
Healthy Eating Tips Calorie Burn Body Language



Managing Stress Easy & Healthy Chicken Casseroles  
Make Stress Your Friend Quick & Easy Garlic Shrimp  


2-Minute Spanish

Below are some quick lessons of Spanish phrases that you'll find useful. Wait a few minutes until all the videos  have loaded onto the page. Then, click on each video and view it full screen by clicking on the "[  ]" icon at the bottom right of the video. You can exit full screen at the end of the viewing by clicking in the same place. Practice your phrases with the instructor as many times as you wish and astound your friends with your knowledge of Spanish!

Video 1 – What to say when you are sick.

Video 2 – Stating two basic feelings.

Video 3 – How to ask a person where he/she is from and how to state where you are from.

Video 4 – What to say as a beginner.

Video 5 – What to say when you are lost.

Video 6 – Ask for the time and ask something you did not hear the first time.

Video 7 – What to say when walking or stepping in front of someone or leaving the room. 

Video 8 – How to apologize and get someone's attention.

Video 9 – How to ask someone to write something for you and how to translate something into Spanish.

Video 10 – How to ask about a person's family and how to say "I hope to see you again".

Video 11 – How to ask more information about a person and how to end a conversation.

Video 12 – How to ask a person how he/she is doing and to ask if a person speaks English.

Video 13 – How to ask if someone needs help and how to say "One moment please".

Video 14 – How to ask about a person's birthplace and about their health. 

Video 15 – How to ask a person if they are alright and if they need assistance.

Video 16 – How to wish someone a good day.

Video 17 – How to greet someone.