Professional Development

The DCS Professional Development Department offers employees seminars and online instruction throughout the year, covering a wide variety of professional topics.  Each seminar is designed to give employees the practical knowledge that will help develop new skills or improve current skills. This department also coordinates and facilitates additional training for individual departments throughout the year, depending on the department’s needs.

Employees have access to Professional Development training in many different formats:

24-7 Online Access

  • Employees may view video information and tutorials on the use of technology, learning Spanish, and maintaining an optimal level of wellness.

Online Streaming of Courses

  • A number of Professional Development courses will be offered through our website and may be streamed on a computer.

Live Professional Development Workshops

  • Professional Development courses are offered throughout the year and the list of courses may be found on our website. Employees will be able to view the Professional Development plan and access the Profession Development course calendar by accessing our DCS website.


Employees who may want to advance their careers or who are interested in learning more about certain job positions within the organization may review the Professional Development Manual (PD Manual) online or visit the Professional Development Office to view a hard copy of the Manual. The PD Manual includes a Professional Development Profile for each position, detailing the skills necessary for each position within Dallas County Schools. Each profile includes a list of Suggested Courses that will help employees acquire certain professional skills. You may access these profiles by clicking on the appropriate link below. The Professional Development Department will also provide counseling to those who want more information or may have questions about the professional development process.

Employees will find many courses that have been researched as possible Professional Development courses that are offered on evenings and weekends in the Suggested Course List in the profiles. (Employees should review the Educational Reimbursement Plan with Human Resources for any limitations on cost.)


Training Resource for School Districts and Businesses

We provide high quality, customized training solutions for school districts, charter and private schools, and private businesses. DCS is also authorized by the Texas Education Agency to provide school board member training under the State Board of Education Framework for School Board Development.