Information Systems


Powerfleet Software Program 

Integrated Transportation Management Solutions

  • Integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP) data
  • Automate data loads
  • Control security on user roles and data content
  • Dashboards with data and process alerts
  • Customized and Standard reports

Employee Management System

  • Manage employee work activities
  • Assign drivers and vehicles to route activities
  • Employee Clock-in and Clock-out feature
  • Track employee license and medical history
  • Send employee messages and alerts
  • Control authorized activities by work group
  • Calculate and record budget codes for payroll transactions

Extra-curricular trips booking (TRIPS) 

  • Online and efficient ordering of trips
  • Track budget codes with approval levels
  • Manage bus types with different process rules
  • Block out times when trips cannot occur
  • Send user emails for trip statuses and changes
  • Generate electronic invoices