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Dental Insurance

Dallas County Schools offers a DHMO Dental Plan through MetLife and a PDP Dental Plan through MetLife.

DHMO Dental Plan: Our network-based based product that emphasizes prevention and cost containment. These plans provide savings up to 75% off regular dental procedures. The plans do not cover services (except emergency care) received from out-of network dentists.

The DHMO Plan offers the quality dental care you expect as well as benefits for those unexpected procedures for which you could not have planned. Safeguard/MetLife provides you with coverage from the start, rather then having to fulfill waiting periods. With the DHMO Plan you won’t have any deductibles, claim forms and benefit maximums.

PDP Plan:  Under the PDP plans, you don not have to pre-select a primary dentist. When you want dental services, make your appointment with any licensed dentist. When you receive treatment from a MetLife PDP dentist, your cost will be reduced. Once services are performed, you or your dentist must file a claim form in order to receive reimbursement. Your claim will be paid based on your group’s schedule of benefits. The plan will pay a percentage of the eligible charges up to the plan’s annual limit for benefits. By using an in-network dentist, you will receive the maximum benefit of your plan. When you use an out-of-network dentist, your out of pocket cost will be typically greater than using an in-network dentist.

Vision Insurance

Dallas County Schools offers a Vision Care Plan through Dental Select.

MetLife's Vision Care Plans are network-based vision plans that emphasize high quality routine eye health care from independent eye care professionals.  Services and materials are provided on a pre-paid basis and the plan pays network doctors directly.  Vision Care Plan members can also use non-network doctors if they wish.

Accident Insurance

Dallas County Schools offers Accident Indemnity Plan Insurance Policy through Allstate. Benefits are payable for a covered person’s death, dismemberment, or injury caused by a covered accident that occurs on or off the job

Cancer Insurance

Dallas County Schools offers Cancer Indemnity Insurance Policy through Allstate. The plan benefits include first occurrence, hospital confinement, medical imaging, radiation and chemotherapy, immunotherapy, cancer screening wellness and much more.

Life Insurance

Dallas County Schools offers Life Insurance through MetLife. The primary purpose of life insurance is income replacement – to protect loved ones who depend on you for financial security. Insurance benefits are paid to your beneficiaries if you die while covered.

Short Term Disability

Dallas County Schools offers Short Term Disability Insurance Policy through  MetLife. Benefits will be paid for only one disability at a time even if the disability is caused by more than one sickness, more than one injury or a sickness and an injury.

Long Term Disability

Dallas County Schools offers Long Term Care Insurance through MetLife. Long-term care insurance is designed to provide coverage for one or more necessary or medically necessary diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, curing, treating, mitigating, and rehabilitative services, and maintenance or personal care services, provided in a setting other than an acute care unit of a hospital, such as in a nursing home, in the community, or in the home.

Critical Illness

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Legal Coverage

Dallas County Schools offers Legal Shield coverage. The Legal Shield Plan offers coverage for personal legal services such as preparation of will, traffic ticket defense, and uncontested adoptions and in – depth information on legal issues, including how to protect you from identity theft.

JEM Resource Partners 457(b) (JEM)

Dallas County Schools offers JEM Resource Partners 457(b) (JEM) savings plan.   This service provides a voluntary savings program designed to allow employees to defer taxation on salary through a district sponsored program that provides an alternative or a supplement to traditional 403(b) deferrals. A Retirement Savings Plan is set up under Section 457(b) of the Internal Revenue Code that makes this possible. The plan is offered through the Region 10 457 Cooperative by means of an Interlocal Agreement with each participating district.

Survivor Benefits

  • Allstate
  • JEM Resource Partners (JEM) 457b
  • MetLife
  • Texas Life
  • Teacher Retirement System

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