Green Bus Project

The "Fryer Flyer" is a green school bus that runs on waste vegetable oil (WVO - post-consumer grease which is often disposed of improperly, clogging our sewers and waste water treatment facilities). Dallas County Schools collects the WVO that is donated by local restaurants and food manufacturers. We then transport it to our plant, where it is cleaned and contaminants are removed through a filtering process.

Once the WVO is clear of debris and foreign substances, it is ready to be used as fuel or processed into biodiesel, also known as B100. The use of WVO and B100 reduces the production of greenhouse gases, particulate matter and other pollutants which are harmful to the environment.

Dallas County Schools' paramount goal is to provide safe transportation to the students who board our school buses each day. This project helps us to meet that goal by reducing the amount of pollution in the air.

The companies who donate their waste vegetable oil will also benefit from the "Fryer Flyer." In order to properly dispose of post-consumer grease, food manufacturers must purchase receptacles or arrange for pick-up of the material. Dallas County Schools makes this process easier for donors by picking up their WVO. This is also a wonderful opportunity for local businesses to take part in the fight against air pollution in the metroplex.

To learn more about donating your company's WVO, please send your contact information to us. Click here.


Cease the Grease!

Dallas County Schools and the City of Dallas (Dallas Water Utilities Grease Abatement Program) are partnering to turn used cooking oil into environmentally friendly biofuel.

This grease recycling program not only promotes the reduction of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in the sanitary sewer system, it helps create opportunities for citizens to donate their waste vegetable oil, which can be used to run the Fryer Flyer!

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