History of Dallas County Schools

Dallas County Schools is a school district/governmental agency servicing the fourteen independent school districts in Dallas County. Four unique divisions work together to ensure that we reach our goal of Strengthening Education Through Service. Over the past decade, Dallas County Schools has adapted its services to fit the unique and changing needs of the districts it serves. From a one room school house to an award-winning presence on the internet, Dallas County Schools continues to grow and change to better serve the students, parents, teachers, and community of Dallas County.

Over 150 years ago a patch work quilt of small communities covered what is known today as Dallas County. As the communities grew, so did the settlers' commitment to educating their children. In 1846, less than one year after Texas became a state, the Legislature mapped Dallas County boundaries.

On August 21, 1855, the surveyor stood before the County Commissioners with his field notes in hand. The county surveyor's findings described, " . . . four Leagues of Land located by the virtue act of the Congress of the Republic of Texas." The act appropriated certain lands to the establishment of a general system of education.

Throughout the next century as cities began to spring up around the County, Independent School Districts began to form. While these ISD's took over the classroom functions, Dallas County Schools played an integral role in the educational process by providing services such as Transportation (est. 1927), Instructional Media Services (est. 1928), Psychology (est. prior to 1967), and Technology (est. 1997). Today, DCS is dedicated to Strengthening Education Through Service to the 14 independent school districts in Dallas County.