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DPS Approves Dallas County Schools to Conduct its own Commercial Driver License (CDL) Skills Tests


DPS Approves Dallas County Schools to Conduct its own Commercial Driver License (CDL) Skills Tests

News from DPS means DCS can administer driving skills tests to onboard bus drivers more efficiently 

DALLAS, Oct. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dallas County Schools (DCS) received the news that DPS has approved the county school district to begin conducting its own Commercial Driver License (CDL) Third Party Skills Tests. This achievement is a productive step forward for DCS as they work diligently to recruit and onboard qualified bus drivers to service bus routes in and around Dallas County.


"This is major development for DCS and will directly benefit our school districts," confirmed Gary Lindsey, Interim Superintendent of DCS. "By performing skills testing ourselves we are able to get bus drivers licensed, authorized and qualified, seamlessly. Our Risk Manager, Nettie Hobbs, has already started scheduling pending employees for testing, which will take place Monday through Saturday of each week."

DPS implemented the Texas CDL Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) program April 3, 2017. The TPST program authorizes qualified companies certified by DPS to administer, to its employees, the driving skills examination for Class A, B, and C CDL applicants.

To conduct CDL skills testing, a certified TPST provider must have a Designated Responsible Person and an Examiner certified by DPS. The certified TPST provider is responsible for making application to DPS for both a Designated Responsible Person and an Examiner. All applicants for the CDL TPST Program must comply with the directives set forth by DPS.

In line with ensuring bus drivers are licensed appropriately and follow state directives, the new leadership at DCS continues its dedication to safety. In fact, it was revealed that while traveling over 2.8 million miles over the course of two (2) years for Irving ISD, DCS has a record of zero passengers injured in an accident.

Without DCS, contract transportation agencies unfamiliar with routes, students, and school districts might take over bus transportation in and around Dallas County.

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