Communications Department

Assistant Director: David Escalante
(214) 944-4520

8035 E. RL Thornton Fwy., Ste 200
Dallas, Texas 75228


The DCS Communications/PR Department facilitates communication among all the school districts it serves, as well as its internal and external publics. The department publishes internal and external newsletters, writes press releases, serves as a liaison between the community and the districts it serves, provides information upon public request and facilitates effective communication between the Board of Trustees, DCS staff and community members. The department also oversees the Gloria Shields All-American Workshop every year.


Media Guidelinesmicrophone_2

It is the policy of Dallas County Schools to work cooperatively with the news media for coverage of issues and events involving the districts. The following guidelines are in effect at all DCS facilities:

  • All Media inquiries should be directed to the Communications/PR Department.
  • The Assistant Superintendent/PIO and Assistant Director of PR & Communications should be contacted when a representative of the media visits a facility. If the media visits a DCS site without prior approval from the appropriate building administrator, he or she should be asked to leave and sent to the Communications/PR Department at Dallas County Schools.
  • Media personnel may be allowed to interview staff during the school day with approval from the Superintendent, PIO, Assistant Director of PR & Communications and appropriate notification.
  • Cameras/reporters will not be allowed inside the facility unless the appropriate staff members have been notified and it is determined that such a visit will not be disruptive.
  • Photographs or video may be taken by the media at the discretion of the Superintendent, PIO, and/or Assistant Director of PR & Communications.
  • The Assistant Superintendent/PIO or designee shall be the official spokespersons for DCS.
  • All Open Records requests should be referred to the Communications/PR Department immediately upon receipt.


To make an Open Records request, visit our Public Information Portal. Assistant Superintendent, Susan Falvo serves as the DCS Public Information Officer (PIO).