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Coats for the Cold

DCS Pat Raney employees delivering coats that they collected.

One blustery day four years ago, DCS bus driver, Lena Sellers, noticed several children on her school bus going to school without a coat on.  Lena knew she had to help and sprang into action.  With the help of the Pat Raney Service Center, Lena started a coat drive and has collected coats for the last four holiday seasons. She rounds up coats and delivers them to schools where children are in particular need.  “I saw these children waiting by the bus stop without coats and knew they had to be cold, so I asked if everyone could bring in a coat for a child, or if we could take up a collection and I’d go buy the coats for them,” Lena said.  “Everyone at Raney has pitched in to help bring coats for these kids.” 

Leading the efforts again this year, Lena’s coat drive was such a large success, DCS was able to donate coats to two elementary schools: Birdie Alexander Elementary, part of Dallas Independent School District, and Rosa Parks-Millbrook Elementary, part of Lancaster Independent School District.  Members of the Pat Raney Service Center loaded up the collected coats into a school bus and our version of Santa’s sleigh was off to school!  When we arrived, it was the perfect day for a new coat: the temperatures in North Texas were set to be the lowest they’ve been in two years.  Roughly 50 coats were donated in total to children in need of some warmth and comfort.

Dallas County Schools is proud to have bus drivers like Lena Sellers that see a problem and take the opportunity to a negative into a positive.  Letitia Brown, Pat Raney’s transportation manager said, “I would like to recognize Lena Sellers for being the buyer, inspiration and spearheading this effort.”  Over 50 children will not go cold this holiday season, all because one person decided she wanted to make a difference.

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